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Terms of Service provides its services to you, subject to the following Terms of Service, which may be updated by us from time to time without notice to you. By using our site and services, you are indicating your acceptance to be bound by the terms of service listed in this document. You should visit this page periodically to review the terms of service because they are binding to you.

Use of Content authorizes you to view the site and content within solely for your personal use only. You agree not to post any of the listed materials without the written and prior consent of the individual(s) with whom they refer to and/or from The contents of this website, such as graphics, text, logos and other content within are collectively owned by and are under the protection of the United States and foreign copyright, trademark, and other laws. Use of such content without the written consent of for any commercial and/or non personal use is strictly prohibited. All the content contained herein website is the property of and their respective content supplier and/or clients.

Description of Service provides job seekers the easiest and simplest way to search for a job. We do not require the use of any username and password in order to use the site. We do not collect any personal information from job seekers, keeping our liabilities low and providing the user a hassle free experience. requires some necessary information from the job posters or employers such as a brief description of the job that is available and the required skills necessary needed in order to complete the task. We then translate the collected data into a 3 step process simplifying the match making process between the prospective employees and the employers.

Employer(s)Responsibilities enforces these responsibilities to the employers posting on the site:
1. It is the employer(s) responsibility to give a descriptive and accurate representation of the job that they need to be completed by the prospective employee.
2. Provide the term of the job that they are advertising about, whether it be part time, full time, seasonal, etc.
3. We do not require the employer to post a compensation amount for the given job, but leave it as an option for the employer to do so.
4. Contact a prospective employee if he/she fits the required guidelines to complete the job.
5. Keep any reference number(s) that provides in order to change or update a specific post.
6. Not to post any information that may be considered obscene or inappropriate for the given site.

Job Seeker(s) Responsibilities enforces these responsibilities to the job seekers using this site:
1. Provide the employers an accurate record of your employment history, if any, and a complete list of references that they can contact to verify your information.
2. Provide the employer their source for finding a particular job.
3. Have a valid email address or contact number where the employers can contact them if a particular job is made available to them.


You agree that the use of the site and the services provided is at the risk of the user. is not responsible for any of the content that is posted on the site by the employers. is not responsible for any of the feeds that are presented on the site that may be coming from other companies. is not responsible for any information provided to the employers from services provided by You agree not to hold and any of its employees, officers, directors and affiliates liable for any claims or damages that may have been caused by using this site. All fees and costs will be paid for by the user's expense without expectations of reimbursements from You agree not to hold and any of its employees, officers, directors, partners, and affiliates liable for any fraudulent use of credit card information. does not collect any credit card information for this particular reason and all credit card transactions are handled primarily through a third-party merchant. Furthermore, you agree not to file suit against or any of its partners, employees, officers, directors, and affiliates on any of the above items mentioned. You agree to consult your credit card company or your bank to resolve the issue, while at the same time authorize your credit card company or your bank to issue the full payment owed to for any transactions made. will not tolerate the use of any content that is deemed unlawful, obscene, or ethically wrong. We will monitor all post that is submitted into the site and will delete any post that we feel does not appropriately adhere to the listed Terms of Service.

If you cannot adhere to our Terms of Service, please do not use the site. Otherwise, your use of our site and services directly binds you to our Terms of Service.

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